Race Recap: Pie and Glove 5k


Happy Thanksgiving! This morning I kept with my Thanksgiving tradition and ran the local Pie & Glove 5k. Along with the race being a tradition, it was also my goal race.  Who makes the Thanksgiving Day 5k a goal race?! My reasoning goes back to late summer when my friend Ericka and I were planning […]

Race Recap: Time to Sperr


The Time to Sperr race is one of my all time favorites.  Its local, there are a variety of distance options (3k, 5k, 10k), the course is relatively flat/fast, and most importantly its in honor of a true hero, NYS Trooper, Andrew J. Sperr.  Proceeds from the race go towards maintaining and improving the park […]

Track Workout and Hydrating with Drink Chia


Last night’s track workout called for a mile warmup, 4 sets of 5×200 at {around} mile pace, and a cool down.  It was a great workout to get the legs turning over faster and to work on efficient form. I don’t feel I’m very strong when it comes to sprinting, so I was pleased to […]

Tanglefoot Trail Run


A while ago my husband, mentioned he was interested in running a local trail race, the Tanglefoot Trail Run. While discussing his race plan, I was still in the walking boot.  I used that as my excuse as to why I couldn’t possibly run Tanglefoot with him.  Although, in reality, all I could think about […]

Injury Update With Some Training


I’ve spent the past week slowly coming back from this: I use pictures to describe my injury because I have yet to figure out what it is.  Yesterday, at my appointment with the podiatrist, he found that same sore spot on the top of my foot.  What is causing this ONE spot to feel like […]

The Results Are In


First of all, let me thank everyone who left me such nice comments on my recent POST about my injury.  Anyone who has experienced an injury can probably agree that love and support from friends and family goes a long way and definitely helps make an injury less painful.  I appreciate it so much. So as some […]

Seneca 7 Relay


Seneca 7 is a 77.7 relay race around Seneca Lake.  Seven team members, 3 legs each, varying in distance. I’ve run this relay 3 years in a row.  My team members have changed slightly over the years, but I’ve always been lucky to run with awesome people. Why the “Klondike Catchers” in 2013? It all […]

More of that Kinvara 4 Speed


Today’s scheduled workout was a nice and easy 30 minute tempo…is there such a thing and as easy tempo? I made sure to wear all of my bright colors, including my Saucony Kinvara 4 sneaks for the big event.   Real quick, I’ll share a few MORE features that I’ve noted as being awesome about […]

Track Times


Warm(er) weather and track workouts are the perfect combination. These are just SOME of the awesome people I get to share the pain of speed with! Today’s workout was 5 x 800…a nice workout to ease back into the track routine.  I’ve done some speed recently, but mostly shorter stuff to work on my turnover […]

Workouts with Some Vega


Well, my lovely Spring break came to end EARLY this morning, 5AM early. Body Pump was calling my name, so I got to it!  Body Pump is by far my favorite way to get in my strength training.  If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend! This afternoon, I hit up the pool. I recently […]

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