Mile Twenty Eight?

 The goal of our website is share our love for running, traveling, and everything in between.  We hope to inspire others to pursue an active lifestyle and fun traveling adventures!  We like to run, train, race, and now, hopefully write about it!

So why the name mile twenty eight?  Originally, I (Jenelle) thought of mile twenty seven because 27 is my favorite number…and it would be that one extra mile after the marathon mark.  BUT, I wanted Brendan to share his input or at least his technological genius-side on the blog, so mile twenty eight it became!  Twenty eight came from the date we were married on…August 28, 2011.  You may come to find out I have a weird (self-diagnosed) OCD with numbers.  I LOVE even numbers!  More to come about that later!

As mentioned before, we were married on Sunday August 28, 2011 (the day hurricane Irene arrived in NY).  Despite the wind and rain, it was the perfect day.

We worked a little running theme into our wedding.  Here are a few pictures from the big day!

Race bib #’s for name/table cards


The flowers on our sweetheart table in a water bottle, perfect!

Our race bibs (& picture of us at that race) for the table numbers

Gatorade Toast!

The Groom’s cake, complete with all of Brendan’s favorite teams and a running shoe (says Lehigh on it, of course!)

And here we are…happily married!

After our honeymoon in beautiful San Diego, CA, our next big adventure together was running the Wineglass Marathon in Corning, NY.  Brendan came in 3rd overall!  

These are our pups! 

September is a greyhound we rescued.  He raced 119 times and won 25 races.  He is faster (in his retirement) that either of us will ever be.  Bailey is the sweet baby who thinks he’s in charge most of the time.  This is a picture of the boys showing what they do best.