Question of the Week: Compression Socks

Just the other day I was thinking of a way to be MORE interactive with all of YOU!

I decided that it would be fun and interesting to have a “Question of the Week.”  I will follow this up with another post consisting of the answers that I compile from everyone.

I also hope to have the question relate to an upcoming blog post that could be a giveaway, gear review, or a completely random thought.

This week’s topic is:  Compression Socks

Brendan running the Wineglass Marathon in compression socks

1.  Do you wear compression socks?

2.  If yes, what brand/model do you prefer MOST?

3.  Do you use compression socks more for running/training OR recovery?

I would REALLY love to share as many responses as possible.  I will not be including your name or any identifying information with your responses.  I want to use this information in an upcoming post and review of compression socks.  Please leave your responses in the comment section.  All responses can be included into one entry or three separate, whichever you prefer.

Thank you for all of your input.  I really enjoy hearing from all of you!

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  1. runwkate says:

    I don;t use them – but I want to! Curious to see the responses.

  2. 1. I’ve used compression socks only twice. The first time I LOVED them. The second time – I wanted to rip the suckers off my legs.
    2. I have heard great things about CEP socks and my brother swears by his Zensah calf sleeves. I have used the Zensah ankle sleeve when I was dealing with achilles tendonitis – used it to run a marathon last year – I think it helped.
    3. I should use them in recovery. Especially after hill repeats. oooh my calves hate me after hills!

  3. Regina Cavanaugh says:

    I use compression socks, I like CEP the best. I use them while running longer races – I don’t see where they are necesary for 5K’s – but they are helpful in preventing shin splints, at least for me. They are not comfortable when it’s hot and humid out – but I try to wear them anyways.

  4. i wear compression sleeves when i run now, and after, ever since I got a shin splint a couple months ago. zensah is my absolute fav!

  5. 1. Yes, I wear compression socks
    2. Love Pro-Compression but have CEP and Zensah
    3. I only wear them for recovery. I wore them once or twice in long runs and hated them. I stopped in the middle of my run to take them off!

  6. Heather Roe says:

    I have never worn compression socks to run or to recover. I would love to try them as my calves are sooooo tight during running.

  7. timandru says:

    Wearing them right now for recovery.
    Never wear then during training or racing.
    Mine are just drug store $13 specials.
    I use NormatecMVP recovery boots for more serious recovery.

    Calf sleeves = no sense to me

  8. VHL Warrior says:

    Never have worn them…I’m not convinced that they are actually effective rather than just fashion.

  9. Brendan says:

    I like my CEP Progressive compression socks the best, and have tried a few others (Zoot, Saucony). I mostly use them for recovery after running.

  10. bethp262 says:

    I wear compression socks for recovery after long runs. I have never run In them but I may experiment with that this fall.
    I have a pair of ProCompression socks. My husband has a pair of Zensah sleeves which I have worn a couple of times. I can’t say that I prefer one brand over the other, though.

  11. jenna says:

    i actually havent used compression socks before, but i know many ppl who do use them, and i think they mainly use them for recovery! :o) spa love!

  12. Heather says:

    Hi Jenelle

    I use the CEP Compression socks and I love
    Them! I use them mostly for recovery, putting
    Them on after a long run. I also wear them
    The next day on a recovery run which seems
    To help.

  13. I have never tried them.

  14. 1. I’ve used them in most marathons and half marathon’s I’ve run. Also when I was training for my first marathon, I wore them during the training runs.

    2. I love CEP – my legs aren’t that big/muscular, but these really feel snug (but not too tight!). I’ve only tried CEP and Zensah, and while I like Zensah, they aren’t as tight as CEP.

    3. At first I used them for both, but now they’re more for recovery.

    I don’t know if they help much, but I like to think they do! ;)

  15. Eric Koehler says:

    I do wear them. I have mostly used them in recovery mood – post run. I wear Zensah leg sleeves and compression socks. When I am having issues with my legs – I will wear them for runs or races.

  16. I don’t wear them yet. But I’ve heard a lot of good things about the 110% brand sleeves and socks. I’m looking to buy them for recovery during the day after, not so much while I’m training.

  17. pdxfoodie01 says:

    I bought a pair of CEPs. I only tried them on a 12-mile “long” run to see how they work for a 1/2 I’m doing on October 21st. I’ll see how they do on a 10k I’m doing on the 22nd this month. I want to get the shorts, but at $100, they’re quite pricy.
    I kinda want to get Underarmour’s recovery suit except I”m a small on top and a medium on the bottom because I have “overdeveloped” quads and glutes. Plus that’s another $129 there.

  18. pdxfoodie01 says:

    I only wore my CEP socks once during a 12-mile “long” training run to see how they would hold up on a 1/2 I’m doing late October. I’ll see how they do at race pace later this month when I do a 10k for practice. I kinda liked them and could use the shorts; especially since my hamstrings feel jiggly and sore but the CEP shorts are $100.
    I also kinda want to get Underarmour’s recovery suit except I’m a small on top and a medium on the bottom since I have “overdeveloped” quads and glutes. Plus that’s another $129.

  19. kelli nelson says:

    I wear the womens CEP classic in black for training and love them!!! Typically 12+ miles. However, with this summer being so hot, I had to ditch the socks during a few runs and run sockless! Heat, legs swelling, dehyration….leaving legs feeling powerless. Really looking forward to fall and winter running :)

  20. I wear my swiftwick compression socks usually after afew good hard days of running. I’ll throw them into my gym back and wear them home and until I go to bed. I also put them on between each leg of Reach the beach, it really helps the cramping and helps have fresher legs for the next run. I have never worn them during a run, I use them to speed up recovery, I like to run cold with very little on. I buy the swiftwick’s because they are a decent price and work really well, I just wish they came in more fun colors.

  21. I just started using recovery socks because of calf cramps (which were bad enough to leave my feet numb). I love them as I don’t have cramps when I run with them. However, I will likely switch to sleeves so that I can wear running sucks. The recovery socks lack the benefits of cushioning found in good running socks.

  22. BGRuns says:

    Never have worn them simply because they don’t make many that get over my calves and not be too restrictive. I can’t even wear socks that go over these ‘things’. I am hoping to find a pair that can be worn, just haven’t found them yet.

  23. Jen says:

    I started wearing them last winter when I had a calf injury. Now I use either Pro Compression socks or Zensah sleeves for all my longer runs (12+). I tend to wear the sleeves for an hour or 2 after a run as well or even the next day if I am having issues.

  24. Lindsay Traver says:

    I’ve used compression socks many times before, but actually for something that’s not really running-related. I used to work full time as a pastry chef so I was on my feet all day long, sometimes 12-14 hours. My feet, ankles, and legs would hurt soooo bad by the end of the day and so I tried out compression socks on some of those longer days and they really seemed to help! My ankles used to get swollen from standing all day, but with compression socks, they don’t swell very much at all and my legs and feet feel so much better overall. Unfortunately I cannot remember what brand (my lovely sister (you) would know!).

  25. Curious also. good question!
    I use them when I fly, I get horrible edema on long flights, I like ted stockings

  26. I love wearing compression socks! I wear them while running AND for recovery. The only brand I have tried are the ones from but I really want to try the CEP ones.

  27. Megan@ Run Like a Grl says:

    Love the idea of question of the week! I love compression gear, socks shorts whatever. I wear CEP all sport sleeves and love them!! I wear them mainly for recovery. I find them most effective for that

  28. I wear my compression socks on my long runs and races. I have a pair of CEP and PRO compression. I think the CEP pair work better in my opinion. I wear them for recovery sometimes.

  29. Clay Shaw says:

    Yes. Unless it’s really, really hot. Under Armour, and OxySox.

  30. susan kronowitz says:

    I am wearing them now after a fall down the stairs in my garage. The fall left my leg very swollen from the foot up to the knee.

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